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[Guide] How to play Battlefield 2 Revive on Linux with Wine
This guide has been last updated by Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93 on 26th November 2016.

Hello all,

Below I'm going to present information on how to run BF2 under Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS (Please note other linux distros will most probably work but I didn't test them).

Before we begin, check if your PC can run this game, so read the BF2 System Requirements:, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use proprietary drivers. Systems with Intel video cards might not work.

Ok, one final thing before we begin. If you are more of a visual person, you can look at my video tutorial here. It contains the same instructions as in this guide, so if you prefer to view a video tutorial, watch that one. ;)

Alright let's begin:
First take a look at the default installation guide and read it carefully: How to Install Battlefield 2 Revive Full Free2Play. The only difference is that we will be using wine/Playonlinux for step 2 and 3, but all the informations written in the guide can be applied on Linux too, (for example the part where you have to use your personal Revive Licence Key).
That guide is not being maintained anymore by its creator, so please use this post by S_h_a_r_k_93 instead and follow the instructions for Windows XP users!

1) Install Playonlinux

Download Playonlinux from their official website, (you might need to install Wine too, you can use the default repository version) - Then install Playonlinux.

2) Download BF2 Revive

Follow the first step of the normal installation guide, and pay attention to any notes. Then extract the downloaded .zip archive.
That guide is not being updated anymore by S_h_a_r_k_93, please use the mirrors that you can find in the link below, and use the instructions for Windows XP users!

EDIT: You can find mirrors for the old Free2Play Full Installer (needed by this guide) here:

Finally, skim through the other steps to collect any other important information that you might need to know,
in order to install and initialize the game correctly, (for example the Revive Key paragraph).

3) Download wine version x86

Open Playonlinux, click "Tools", "Manage wine version", and download Wine version x86.
I've tested the Revive Launcher with version 1.9.3.

4) Create a new Wine prefix

On POL (Playonlinux) press "Configure", "New", then select "32 bits windows installation" (to use a 32-bit prefix).
Finally choose a name for the virtual drive.

5) Install necessary components (This step is important!)

EDIT: regarding the "This step is important" warning, it's actually half important in 2016,
      because the two DotNet components are not needed anymore.

They were necessary for the deprecated Phoenix V4 Launcher; but since that Launcher is gone, you should not need these two components anymore. The other two components instead are really important and still needed for the game; so get them!

In the "Install components" tab, select and install each of the following packages: Dotnet20, Dotnet40, dxfullsetup, WMP9.

            We are half way through, nice job player! You can take a brake now. :)

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6) Enable virtual desktop (This step is important!)

Start wine config tool: click the "Wine" tab on Playonlinux, and then click "Configure Wine".

Select the "Graphics" tab and check these boxes, in the resolution box write whatever resolution you are planning to run this game on.

Press "Apply" and then "Ok" to save the changes.

7) Start the installation

On POL, select the "Miscellaneous" tab, "run an .exe in this virtual drive" and select the setup.exe file which you have extracted from the .zip archive downloaded in step 2). For a walkthrough of the installation part, follow this image guide:

If at the end of the installation you see the error in the image below, ignore it. Actually don't even attempt to start the Phoenix V4 Launcher because it has been discontinued several months ago: it does not work anymore even on Windows!!

If you see some errors regarding PnkBstrK while you install PunkBuster, don't worry, I was still able to play without issues. If you have PunkBuster issues when you play, try to start troubleshooting them using the manual update method:

8) create a shortcut

To start this game you need a direct shortcut to the game; so press the "General" Tab in POL (Playonlinux) and select "Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive", and when it shows you the list of files select BF2.exe.

9) Create your Online Profile and change the graphics settings

On Playonlinux select BF2 and click "Run". Once the game starts, you should create your Online Multiplayer Profile by following this image guide:

Finally, once you have successfully created it, go into "Options", "Video", and make sure to disable ANTI-ALIASING (setting it to "Off"), and set the TERRAIN to Low too, (otherwise you can experience black hexagonal glitches on the terrain); the other settings are totally up to you. Don't forget to click the "Apply" button at the bottom, to save the changes.

For more troubleshooting informations you can visit this page:

10) have fun

Well I hope this was helpful. :)

Special thanks:

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If you get the following error, it may be because you have installed the unlocks inmages in the wrong way (as slwlyGoingPostal reports here).

Uninstall the game and follow the instructions in the Full Free2Play 2,7 GB release post to the letter!

Here's how the Revive Launcher looks using Wine

It's a little bit "funky", but it works!

EDIT: The old Phoenix V4 Launcher has been dismissed!
      Don't even attempt to start, it's not working anymore even on Windows.

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If you are using Linux Skip the launcher and go straight to bf2.exe or bf2r.exe if you haven't ran the launcher
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"Very interesting Project, the Community is super-nice, the Moderators are really nice; so make sure to support them".
Well I take that as a compliment! B)

Thank you for fulfilling my request, I have edited your guide where it needed editing (adding more detailed informations, taken from your video; and also inserting links to the normal installation guide), so now it looks awesome! :)

I hope it will come in handy for future Linux / Ubuntu users; thank you again for sharing your experience and also making a video tutorial about it, really nice! ;)

Thread /moved to Tutorials subforum.
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I have created a POL script for automatically installing BF2 Battlelog.

How do use it. Click on Tools -> Run a local script

Please let me know if this helps anyone and if I can make any improvements.
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Is there any way to run new launcher on linux? This tutorial doesnt work anymore.
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We could possibly release a version of the launcher for native linux/osx, since it is cross-platform.

I will look into this in the near future... maybe it's not that hard :)
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Hopefully the old launcher doesn't disappear any time soon.
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Spencer any news?
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can't get it to work either
any updates?
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The old launcher does not work anymore. You'll have to launch BF2.exe directly.
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What a bummer I remember playing with the old launcher version just fine but this time with the dotnet45 it just doesn't open. I've installed all of the libraries and each time I get a "Installation has failed error"
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