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Here is how to start your own server :) on your Windows 10 PC, this is a step by step guide, make sure you follow it exactly to avoid issues, I was performing the steps as I was making this guide, so that’s everything I know and it worked, please do not expect me to trouble shoot your issues as my knowledge is limited.
This set up is for Windows XP up to Windows 10 32 & 64 Bits
NOTE: If you have Windows 10 with Creators Update, avoid installing NetFrame Work 1.1 and its SP1 and make sure its not installed, it will crash BF2CC - You will get a warning that when you launch BF2CC that you have to install, just ignore it.

First let’s get your PC Network & Router ready:
a. You need to set your IP as Static:
b. You need to forward Ports on you Router (Bellow are the ports you need to forward to your static IP you set above) :

Second let’s get your Windows PC ready to be able to run the BF2CCDaemon and BF2CC (PLEASE READ NOTE ABOVE ABOUT INSTALLING NET FRAMEWORK 1.1):
a. Download .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package: – Install It
b. Download .Net Framework 1.1 SP1: – Install It & Restart
  If you experience errors while installing .NET Framework 1.1, perform these instructions:
c. Download PunkBuster Service Installer (pbsvc): - Install It This step can be ignored.
d. Go to and Download BF2 Windows Server
It is a ZIP file (, just keep it in on the desktop for now
e. Go to and Download BF2CC Client
It is also a ZIP file (, just keep it on the desktop for now
Unzip both the zip files separately to a location that you won’t move them again, I unzipped both the folders to my user folder (C:/Users/Shelber), check below of what you should have, to keep it clean:
NOTE: With the new Windows Server files, after you extract the Server files you actually have to cut the bf2ccd.exe file out of the BF2Serverbf2ccd folder, and paste it in the main BF2Server folder where bf2_w32ded.exe is!

Let’s give these guys access through the Windows Firewall to make sure everything goes smooth, go to the Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Firewall and click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” on the left, then click on “Change Settings” and then “Allow Another App”, make sure you add everything at the root of BF2CC folder & BF2Server folder both Private & Public. (You might get a warning saying it has already been added, look for it on the list of Allowed Apps & Features and make sure both Private and Public are checked.

Congratulations, your Router & Windows 10 PC are now ready to hold a BF2 server.

Starting a server (Please follow step by step):
1. Go to BF2server and launch bf2ccd, wait for a couple of seconds and you will get a screen like this:
This is the Daemon Configuration screen, please fill as above, the Daemon IP Port is the Static IP of your computer, the port is shown by default, the passwords below are used to access BF2CC, you have to set them up.
2. After following the above step, click OK, then OK again (Keep note, that you cannot go back the Daemon Configuration screen, you will have to delete the whole BF2server folder and make a new one from the zip to be able to reconfigure.).
3. After clicking OK, the BF2CC Daemon (with the green letters and black background will start loading) Sit and smile for a couple of seconds and hope you get “DAEMON SETTINGS LOADED WITHOUT PROBLEMS” at the end :)
4. After you get the above message, & since it is the first time you start a server, click on Start on the top left of the Daemon (This is going to be the only time you use the Daemon to start the server with this Start Button), you will get this warning:
Click on “More info” then “Run Anyway”. (You will only get this message once in your life time, that’s why we started the server from the Daemon for this time only, to allow Windows to run this App successfully even if we Start the Server through the BF2CC.)
5. After you have click “Run Anyway”, your server will start and you will get a loading screen like this:
6. Now, minimize everything and let’s get the BF2CC setup and running, so go to BF2CC folder and run BF2CC - Ignore the message if you don't have NetFramework 1.1 installed when you are running Windows 10 with Creators update.. (Accept the Terms and click continue), after you click continue, you will get a screen as below:
You can click the + button and create your server file name and make sure your details are as above, username is admin by default and the password is the one that you set up in step number 1. (Port is 4712 and IP is your Computers IP), now, click Login.
7. As you may know, this is where you control your server Name, Admins, Maps, ect…, but first, at the bottom you will notice there is a Dashboard that you need to configure, here you have to set it up correctly to make sure your server runs smooth, please enter the same values as below:
After you have entered the same as above (R-Con Pass is the same pass you entered in step number 1), look at the top of the Application, you will see a Tank (Settings) click on it and name the server (this is the Server Name that will be listed on the online Server List at, now, go back to the bottom (the screen shot above) click Save, Ok, Apply Profile, OK, Restart BF2 Server, Yes.
8. While the server is restarting, this screen will pop up again:
You can minimize it, and you give the BF2CC a couple of seconds to reload, once it is reloaded, you server is live, to make sure your server is online, go to, hover over Server List, then click Unranked Server, then on your key board CTRL + F and find your server there.

Congratulations your server is Up and Running :)

Important Key Points:
1. Your BF2CC is your main configuration application now, here you can configure your server from Server Name, to Player count, TKs, Map list, etc.…
2. Your server local IP is (Or whatever you set it) but the world does not see your IP like this, your actual server IP is with port 16567, so let’s say every time you restart your computer, this public IP might change. You can also use your PUBLIC IP to access your BF2CC if you are outside your local network (Server should be running to do so of course ).
3. Talking about restarting your computer, here is a small guide on how to launch the server if you decided to restart the computer (Step by Step please):
a. Launch bf2ccd which is in the BF2server folder (Just Launch it, DO NOT CLICK START once it is LAUNCHED, we will use BF2CC to start from now on)
b. Launch BF2CC which is in the BF2CC folder, Login, then click Start Bf2 Server
4. BF2CC & Bf2ccd when minimized will be minimized to tray at bottom right.
5. In the BF2CC, under the TANK (Settings), Misc. Tab, you will notice there is a check which says, USE & SHOW GLOBAL PLAYER RANKS, even if you try to enable it, it won’t work, since your server is not Ranked, to get the server Ranked, the beautiful team at are working on a new Server Ranking System I believe so you have sit back and wait.

ANYTHING WRONG or If you Start getting weird errors and stuff, I recommend deleting the BF2CC & BF2Server folders and start with this guide from the place where you downloaded these 2 zip files. Like I said, I made this guide as I was going through the set up process and it worked smoothly.

Thanks everyone and thanks for bringing back the greatest game of all times :)

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Good Job

Could you possibly edit the title to include Windows please.

Moved to tutorials - pinned
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Thanks for the Sticky and Title Updated

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This guide, is simply awesome!!!
Well done man, you deserved the sticky from <<R2>>Mrs! ;)
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Thanks Shark
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what would be the port VOIP?
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I have always left it as the default port that is in the config files.
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Yes like R2 said its the default, its the first ports we opened on the router 55123 - 55125
Also, I recommend to keep the VOiP the best quality since we are in 2016 the internet and hardware is 10 times better
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When i change the server from Lan to Internet, it wont start with an error message.
gameserver.ccp line 647
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The images are broken, I will fix them within 24 hours.

Regarding the error when changing from lan to internet, hmmm, try to restart the computer, if that didn't help, repeat the process after the extracting of the zipped files.

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Broken Images Fixed
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thank you a lot super tutorial i will give it a try.
clear and simple cool :) respect!
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Hi guys.

I have an error when trying to start bf2cc on Windows 10 pro. Net framework and punkbuster is installed.
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