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If you need to report a player, please use the follow format and information to do so.

Select the most appropriate Server Category

Make a new thread using the Player/Players name as the title
Information to include in your post would be :

Server Name:
If multiple servers

Player Name:
Name of the player/players

When this occurred / date & time

Describe what is happening.

Supporting Evidence:
Video footage, Screenshots, Battlerecorder link

Note: Any evidence submitted for redlining, tking, cheating ,in picture or video form, must remain available for 3 months, if that evidence is used for banning that particular player. If the said evidence is removed before then, we are left with no choice but to unban that player if requested by player

Fraps is an ideal tool to use for both video and screenshots, however you can use whatever you are comfortable using.

Amount needed: Unlimited
The amount of evidence you need to supply depends on the quality of the material i.e Does it clearly show what you are claiming/reporting?

To spectate a player:
Use player cycle cam to track players. By default is key is C. Note: You can only track players on your own team using this method.
Use free cam if the server allows it. By default the key is Spacebar
You can use these after dying and choosing not to spawn again, by selecting the little x in the top right of the spawn screen

Additional steps (if desired)

Discord Chat
Comment in the appropriate server channel with a link to your forum thread
Invite to discord -

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