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Seen: 2 months ago
Battlefield 2 works fine on my PC, but when I try to open Battlefield 2142 my screen just goes black for a few seconds then the game closes for no reason...

I already reinstalled the game twice (once through Origin and another time through Revive Launcher), tried running it in Windowed and widescreen mode, with and without intros and the problem persists.

Operational System: Windows 8.1
Graphics Card: NVidia 900M Series
Monitor is G-Sync Capable, but I turned it off on NVidia Control Panel

Thanks in advance!!!
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Same issue here.
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Seen: 12 months ago
I have the same problen
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Just tried the download from revive (was previously linked to the origin directory) and when installing I get 'battlelogbootstrap' failed. Also I can't open the zip file it downloaded since it says its corrupted.
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I can't load also. I have tried
* installing the patch 1.51 but it said i have a newer version (i used the disk with no other patches).
* the options in the settings screen with no change as a result
* I am on windows 7, so i tried running in compatibility mode (XP) however Revive indicated that it would not work in this mode.
So I am at a loss at this time. I am very interested in getting this resolved as this is an awesome game.
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Has anybody found a solution for this problem?
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Close the Launcher and the game.

Delete C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Battlefield 2142\Profiles\Default\Video.con
As well as C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Battlefield 2142\Profiles\001\Video.con

Start the Launcher again, go into the Settings of the Launcher:
 • check widescreen mode,
 • uncheck windowed mode and everything else in the launcher settings,
then click "PLAY NOW" to start the game (it will start in fullscreen and hopefully without a black screen).

If it crashes to Desktop, go again into the Settings of the Launcher and enable Windowed Mode (800x600) and start the game again, tell us if you see any error messages being thrown.

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Another tip from PvtStandOn:
reset config can also be of help at times
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Completely uninstall the game, reinstall from disc, now before you use the revive launcher be sure to install update 1.5 and 1.51, what happens is the revive launcher overwrites the .exe so the patches pick it up as being a newer version when it isnt
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Check if you have any software that forces display refresh rate.
I had ReForce that is forcing my display to use 85Hz on all modes and it made BF2142 crash to desktop.
Hope that helps
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Thanks Demikid
I have re-installed the BF2142 from the disc and installed both patches v5.0 & v5.1. It wasn't updating before as I was trying to just do v5.1 only but it requires patch v5.0 installed first.

Thanks imdabes
I followed your suggestions step by step with no change in outcome.
1. I removed both Video.con files from the location advised. Started the launcher in widescreen (nothing else checked) and it goes to a black screen and after a second or two shuts down back to my desktop.
2. I went back to the settings then and changed them to Windowed mode (800x600) . Started the launcher again and it opens in the window but after a second or two shuts down back to my desktop.
There was no error message on either step.

I had followed the tips in the launcher and removed the original BF2142 exe and still no change in outcome.

I would say that the above tips helped eliminate issues with my system. In the end it was missing drivers for my graphics card that was the culprit. I did the update on this and a few others as this is a new re-built laptop. Once they were updated everything worked and I was able to connect and go multiplayer or single player.

Whooo Hoooo!
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I too have the same problem.....
Can anyone fix it....??????
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Seen: 1 day ago
1. Reset Profile
2. Reset Launcher Config

Try again?

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