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Battlelog has attracted many players back to BF2. Some beginners. Some veteran old school players and yes, even competitive players from long ago.

The purpose of this thread is to remember back when each of you began BF2...the clans, the players, the servers etc.

My Bf2 Story starts back in 2005 when the game was released. Up until BF2 was released...the only on line game I ever played was Age of Empires 2. A game I was extremely good at. Some of these AOE2 players talked me into BF2 and a clan called THB was started. The HolyBrotherHood. Gay name, I know. Was not my choice :)

I remember clearly my very first game. Even with help in TeamSpeak, I was totally lost and was that noob looking for the enemy way off on the other side of the map. I remember the hottest server at the time, "MOONGAMERS" which played Karkand Vehicles. I was terrible at combat, but quickly found that reviving was my game at any costs. Which quickly attracted the best players of the game being invited to their squad. Some of the players I had befriended early on were, Hephaistos and Sgt Todd.

Playing under the mentoring of these guys, I quickly got good ....and soon brought my k/d from under .40 to over 2.0. The funny thing was...when I started being good, I was already like 21,000 deaths and less than 5000 kills...haha. I started to follow competition. Teams like Special K, who would soon become Next Level...with such players as PeaceMaker, Bull, and shenanigans...and many more I cannot recall. 20id was another I remember. Getting the itch to be competitive, I left THB and started my own clan with Hephaistos, called Art of War A[o]W. We ran about 5 servers, which became very popular in their day.

A[o]W started comp in the 2nd season of Cal and TwL 2006. Needless to say, we had our asses handed to us by teams such as 20id and Special K. In fact, it wasn't even close most games....being capped out in record times. I was always a good recruiter, and soon recruited players such as PeenKiller, Sgt Todd, LegendAnubis, DarthSquid, Cheesemaster and we soon started to compete, but still never made it to the elite. ArtofWar mainly known as a casual competitive clan and had grown quite large. Heph and I wanted to make to the next level in comp, so late 2007 we decided to desolve A[o]W and only invite the elite level players to our new team, Team cK. [CerealKillers] This team mostly made up of myself, Hephaistos, PeenKiller, SgtTodd, DarthSquid, CheeseMaster, RiceKrispie, Reeses and 1 or 2 others. We changed our game names to names of cereals. We rarely played pub and mostly practiced positioning, flag routes, nade placements, and pure combat. It was mostly scrims or practice. We rose up the standings and upset a well known team [forget the name] season 4 Cal. Funny, I don't remember the name of the team, but I remember we beat them on Sharqi.

BF2 was on the decline at this point, drving Cal from the BF2 competition scene. We had only TWL lean on for the last few years. We were always at the top of the ladder until a team know as GX came on the scene, led by brother's Socketz and Extreme. Competiton was extremely fun through my BF2 career. I was never an elite comp player, but I was a very good 5th. Made many friends over the years and have many memories.

Some of the most memorable memories: Socketz crashing into our TWL matches stopping the match. Socketz and his brother, Extreme hacking into our TeamSpeak and our servers. Funny, I am gaming friends with Socketz to this day.

Reeses and I created a map for competition called Karkand West, which was played until the end of comp days.

For those who don't might remember me by my original game name. "CanadaRocks" . I decided to drop this name in 2009 when hackers were spoofing all the 4 star generals, including my account and hacking in servers. Thus, giving me a bad name.

Does anyone else have memories to add? names? clans?, Servers?
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Dan checking in here

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Just want to say thanks for the memories Jim. I remember just being a 12 year old kid tearing this game up. It was my life haha. Man so many memories I miss these days. I
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Simply put from me and the group I ran with:

TexasTeamPlayers or TTP as some knew it. That was pretty much my only destination of playing. And what turned me into a BF2 addict was BF2: Project Reality.

I went by the name *11*Bravo-Pathfinder, I remember starting in the summer of '06 and learning from guys who'd been playing it for a year before I ever started. I was always willing to play with whoever decided to squad up with me. I can't remember ever kicking anyone from it. All I ever wanted was a squad that knew how to follow orders and push the objective.

I can remember helping to start a few clans and sharing knowledge I learned from my Quake/Unreal Clan days. I steadfastly refused to join any of those clans on the basis that I never wanted to be seen as a Biased Admin on the server.
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By the way you were not a good 5th, you were awful at the game. So awful you thought I was cheating haha.
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RiceKrispie here! I always wondered if BF2 was still up and running somewhere. According to my stats my last game was nearly 10 years ago, hard to believe it has been so long.

Everything has to evolve, but none of the games that came after this really had the same feeling. Being in a 32v32 game and having one squad with proper movement and positioning be able to influence the game to the point of winning nearly every round, the jumping, diving, shooting... of course it looked ridiculous, but players with the right mechanics could 1vX huge groups of enemies while surrounded and you just don't see that anymore with all of the full auto spray games tailored for 10 year olds now. What a classic, I miss it.

I remember the A[o]W days the pubbing, the scrims, the matches, and all of the poor admins on the PtB 24/7 Karkand server who had to put up with all of the people spam reporting me when I'd go 50-0 every other game. Good times

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