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Can you make Servers that let the commander move the Titans.
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We discuss this thing every two weeks. :P

Makes the Server lag, apparently. We used to turn it off and on again, based on request like yours, and consequent complains of degraded performace. :'D Any Team Member can correct me if I'm wrong; I suppose you see questions like this on Discord more often.

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But moving the titans is so cool..
I think its worth the lag hehe
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Nothing is worth making the server lag
also people sitting in the titan aa turrets and spamming m1 on the enemy titan is great
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I have to say that I reallyLOVE! moving titans. So much that I was afraid to write it here in case it was an unintended change. It is so awesome to move titan where you want, to force the enemy titan to take rockets from enemy team silos,... to support your team from there, it simply makes really interesting matches. Seeing titans sit above the bases is just sad and the match feels like conquest. And about the so called lag.... I have experienced it only when the two titans try to "push" eachother. And that is just a stupidity of the commanders... not the titans! And it is easily bearable too.

And about:

also people sitting in the titan aa turrets and spamming m1 on the enemy titan is great

It is indeed a slightly dick move but... well... don't look into the welding arc, right? besides, you can fly away with the helis regardless. And they have one player doing nothing! Good for your team!

And if the enemy shield is still on, you can blind their AA with your AA easily :) And if it is not, you can destroy it for points! it is a win-win! If only the pin's "titan weapons destroyed" count would reset at the end of the match... to get another pin, you have to destroy as much as you have destroyed before (for the awarded streak pins) + the required amount... so.. soon you don't get anything at all. But it is a well known issue :)
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moving titans are great if your commander is smart. like Sonja for instance. but the command role attracts a lot of willfullly ignorant boobs. like the ones who push titans nose-to-nose and screw their air vehicles -- (slupka, aa works fine even when blind) -- maybe it's because command suffers no immediate penalty for being lousy. a lousy pilot or a lousy tanker or a lousy assault player will learn how much they don't know really really quickly. with commanders .. not so.


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Hi Octogon,

I was wondering if Sonja still plays BF2142? I used to play with her in the same clan long long time ago and kinda lost touch.

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Yes Sonja does still play on the Dethklok US server..

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