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hey, check on all the accounts endings with @polcse (c written as a copyright symbol). For example the name (Skruf2o). Please check his bf2 stats he has a 130kills killstreak and his as well as other players with that (@polcse) ending have totally absurd statistics. Ive seen them playing and would appreciate a ban on them.

In case you think im a noob, check out my youtube vids:
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aim&shoot....motherfucker, you still here? Came back after two months and trying to convince myself that this is indeed the same forums that we used to talk-shit in since last two years lol
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-12 year old online shooter
-Claims to leave because of hacking

Am I being trolled right now? Am I on camera? Did enriched Uranium get into the water and start lowering people's IQ's? Should I be alarmed?

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