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Thanks!, unfortunately not many NA players play to benefit from that ping.

A spreadsheet is just overkill, we just finished a match and have another scheduled for tomorrow.
They are very organized as I simply message active users until I get enough for a 5v5 + 1 for an extra in case someone doesn't show.

These are merely mixes so match results wouldn't show much either as teams are often mixed up.

Thanks for the input! & If anyone has any interest in playing, let me know, we are always looking for new players/old returning players.
More players = more matches.
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C0WB0YHey I added you on discord but unfortunately it will not let me DM.
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Gotcha, it does that unless added as friends or share a server together.
We have another match today: 1800 GMT, let me know if you'd like to participate.
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I'm not bored of nade spam yet
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im down on a knife only cause i love cutting bitches
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Join up, any active players who are down to mix are more then welcome to join that server strictly for bf2 mixes.

I have scheduled two mixes this week Wednesday & Thursday 18:00 GMT, I also purchased a new server for us to mix on that hopefully will average the ping out fairly well. Looking for a couple more players so message up before people jump on and let me know they can play.

Aside from this scheduling method, the discord server is pretty solid to get mixes going on the spot whenever player activity is good.
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If you haven't joined a mix yet and you enjoy playing infantry, your missing out. In the last week alone the scene has made a comeback with new players starting out and finding out that there is a whole other aspect to the game and there has been a return in old school players.
Mixes are occurring more frequently and all we need is more of a push for new players to check it out so we can grow even more.

If you are constantly playing public infantry, there's no reason why you shouldn't try out a mix or two to see how you enjoy it.
Playing enough mixes will not only make you a much better player, but you'll grow far more interest in the game.

Get involved by joining the discord server:
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Be sure to download your jumptweak, sound.cons and other crap before you join competetive gaming.
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i already got a sound.con and jumptweaks who wants play against me iam big chiiiter
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Still looking for more players, we are getting mixes going daily around 18:00 GMT and later.

If your interested, join the discord server -
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