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Seen: 2 months ago

name Dluffy
server asia 1

please banned ip permanent, im tired play with cheaters
he use wallhack, aimbot, minimap hack, kill me one hit with pistols and many more can ask =TonkunG=
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d-rabit skill
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D-Rabbit = D-Luffy This is D
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This is supposed to prove what exactly? Just because he has a D in his team doesn't mean it's D-Rabbit.

You claim he is using: "wallhack, aimbot, minimap hack" and "kill me one hit with pistols". First things first; you cannot modify the damage that any weapon do in this game through hacking - it's not possible, simple as that. Nowhere in your clips did I see any indication of foul play, you don't need to cheat to successfully bomb infantry with a jet.
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Zrecreik sorry for the foul language last night, just 2 players on your team were camping at spawn points and destroying my team mates, total base rape, I know we have had plenty of fights but what they did was totally out of control, again sorry for that.
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BAKAREBA dude you kidding, wat u smoking? i want too,, lol
catskilldogsforfun5 this 1 for server rules & other how to report playa & the third one best stuff for communication (Discord)

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to dev you should track him yourself and watch he play.... not easy record cheater... you do not need to modify the damage to get one hit... just use aimbot and set to the head !
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what if he's just good
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Seen: 16 hours ago
Lol that can't happen. As you can see, they have no commander in their team,how did he see me and chase me? I was chased in the first video, from nowhere...
Thank you for reporting, BAKAREBA. I haven't got enough evidence to sum this guy up.
Thank you.
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He's using aimbot too, but sadly I have no evidence for that ... :(
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Btw he's probably D-Rabbit, both of them registered to Indonesia. If the admins track their IP/ID they will probably find that it's the same person.
Got some interesting videos I'll upload later :)
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Lol D-Rabbit, When i first joined this game, he always killed me like in the video from nowhere. But i could not understand that he hacks, i thought those are just his skills. Then after Asia 2 closure, i stopped playing in Asian servers and joined up Eu in air. There i learned some real skills ad now when i return back to Asia 1 , i can simply tell what is skill and what is hack, He is 100% hacker. That i can tell you from his act of being always finding jets from no where and getting behind them. And now he still use the same hack but i am not the same one so the no. of times he finds me from behind, that no. of times he is got rekt.
Zrecreik, but the action and reaction time of being shot on head by a aimbot will be always like a single bullet death.
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Seen: 4 weeks ago
Link to videos will be ready soon, depending on how fast my 1Gbps internet uploads the 3 videos.
On a side note, holy shit 100% CPU usage rendering the vids.
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