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Germany plz
Donated: $15
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Alguien de sudamerica?
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Even if the servers end up being in Germany and I'm from America, I won't mind the lag.

I'm just happy this is happening.
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South America server should be in another country. As a colombian, i have better ping in a American/Canadian server than in Brazil. Also, in the Revive SA servers nobody talk in english or in spanish, just in portuguese.

Brazil isn't the whole South America.

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Just because a bigger number voted on the server in South America was manipulated? Do you have problem?
Remember not only Brazilians, but also Uruguayan Chilean Argentines among others voted, respects the South American community
(sorry for bad English)

''Aqui é Brasil poha''
For MaggiMaggi
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HOly shtt i just found out about this project today.
I'm going to play this so much when it comes out, REALLY need Dallas server i'm so excited
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Gutosos, respect
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It's better (for me) to have a server in Brazil that in Germany, in Germany the ping will go crazy. I know that some hispanic americans play in the SA server, but that server is dominated brazilian players, which means that the most used lenguage in the server is portuguese.

In a game where the voice comunication is important like BF2, the language barrier affects the people who speak a lenguage that's not used in most of the servers. If half of the players in SA server speak in spanish and the rest speak in portuguese, the matches will be a madness (And that is a current problem in BF2). Also, as is well know, the hispanic americans and the brazilians player have a mutual hate in videogames.

I'm just suggesting that the South America server should be placed in a country in middle of Latin America, for a better connection in general. Or well, make another server in South America with the host in a hispanic american country, and differentiate each server as "Brazil" and "Hispanic america". The same for BF2.
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add Poland pls <3
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Lets hope North america gets a server at least some where, wouldn't really be able to play much of this if servers only remained south america and Europe :/
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I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So, I'm vote São Paulo server.

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