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Oman 16 is a great infy map. Fushe 16 is not terrible. I'm iffy on Midnight Sun 16 but at least it's semi interesting.

Agreed that Kubra does not work.
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I would just recommend that Kubra being removed from the map rotation, it just isn't the map for walking long distances lol.
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I second that list
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@TaLiBaN8362 yep good list

is any admin actually reading this?

would be great to have the rotation changed already
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I hopped on gulf today and had to get on a boat for a few kilometeres to get to the mainland.
Everything with a carrier on it that isn't Iron Gator is not for inf tbh.
Stick to city maps.
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Agreed. Perfect INF rotation. Who the fuck is picking these airmaps for inf only? SMFH
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If they added vehicles (no tanks) it wouldn't be that bad, but geez all that walking reminds me of lord of the rings.
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Hey guys, not exactly a pro but it seems crazy the way it is atm. I was on Kubra mindlessly running around and its so damn hard to find the enemy.
When i met one we actually ran past each other before I got knifed. So after 15 minutes i had like 4/4KD. No exactly high adrenaline gaming but just saying, appreciate the work done here. Went a bit better on Oman with a good squad leader [Bowman] thanks dude.
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Yes. Please remove Kubra dam is way too large of a map for infantry without vehicles.
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Why hasn't this been addressed yet >.< the server keeps dieing because of these maps...
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Everyone has a life other than BF2 but I think a regular player on the server should be made admin. At least temporarily to get the map rotation right.
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I tried to message Spencer but i don't know they all seem busy.. US INF had a good map set up before. IDK who is in charge of the maps now..but i feel like we being trolled lol running around mountains and rivers... better start getting good with your sniper kits :)

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