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The server rules forbid baserape while sometimes the admin doesn't want to apply his own server's rules to his team
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Don`t look for justice on the battlefield Bob. If that is the worst he does then it is no great crime. Another night and a different admin and all will be hunky -dory.
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HostileBob lul

You should of read the scrolling rules instead of making up none existent rules. Like in what server would destroying commander assets be prohibited?
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The official BF2 official circle with the line though it indicats the Un-capable Base, it is only at the carrier, Its common knowledge the spawn points around this official circle is the Uncap base. The areas you have circled are not included the DOCKS is a separate capable base and the Arty is no where near the UNCAP/ Carrier.
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Taking out a commanders assets are usually a very smart move. I know of several servers that have the "No attack Un-cap" and in these severs you usually can destroy the UAV and Scan trailers. But the jets and choppers are off limits as are any spawning soldiers.
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HostileBob The rule states "* No unprovoked uncap attack, if you shoot first you will be banned."
The areas you have circled are commander assets but not uncap. The only uncap on Dragon Valley is the carrier. Destroy the commander assets, kill people around the commander assets, take the dock flag and you will not be kicked. Fire at the carrier/ infantry on the carrier/ aircraft on the carrier/ the ribs under the carrier and you run the risk of being banned.

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