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Come in to play and I get the surprise that my rank disappeared and that also means EVERYTHING! My process inside BF2.

I hope this is a minimal problem, so far I will not play to avoid bugs with my progress, hopefully fix soon. Regards!

(sorry for my bad English. I think you can understand my problem.)
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You're not the only one. Check this thread out, people already advising the same -
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Statistics collapsed....
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Same Here My rank disappeared too !
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The same problem.
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same :(
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Happend to me as well, but the last time that this happend after a couple of matches it went back to normal, so i think you just need to wait it out, unless your rank reset thro the website as well and not only in-game, that i think is permenant.
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Same here
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yeah same here my Battlefield 2142 lost all my toys oh well still a fun game
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same issue here
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i will join you all, bf2 and 2142 no ranks
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Dgunn53 all of my information disappeared no rank and no unlocks for bf2
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