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Seen: 2 months ago
I was going to rank up to something gold yesterday maybe sergeant gold i cant remember, today i logged in and i am Recruit with 0 unlocks.
I have literally lost everything i had :(
what is the problem?
my rank might be higher i dont remember but i had pretty lots of unlock points i unlocked pretty fine amount of weapons, skills and other stuffs
I hope it can be reversed cuz i really dont want to start from begging again
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Same, and we're not alone. All players as of at least 15 July encountered same issue, despite restarting Revive Launcher. Note that even with 'disable auto-login' UNchecked, the launcher isn't initiating the login pop-up when beginning 2142. Yeah, definitely hope it's temporary, hopefully something a server restart will fix.
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:(( +++
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Both my accounts are at 0
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same here!!!!!!!!! whats going onnnn?????
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Im sure everyone playing the bf2142 platform is currently experiencing the same issue, as mine is also recruit status (recruit rank).. Im sure the revive team is aware and they may be looking into it.. Mine started sometime during the night, as i had my unlocks yesterday..
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Ahh, I though I was the only one...
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Had yesterday the same Problems!

I downloaded the 2GB v1.5 patch and patched again! After that all stats, etc. will be back in the game! At me it worked!
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