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Posts: 4 - KR:
Seen: 1 day ago
If I remember correctly BFH had some in game purchases. How will this be dealt with?
Posts: 71 - KR:
Seen: 4 days ago
theres no store. only defaults and unlimited magic widgets.
Posts: 96 - KR:
Seen: 5 days ago
wtf unlimited magic widgets
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Seen: 1 week ago
midgets ayy and boxxy stop asking for nudes
Posts: 71 - KR:
Seen: 4 days ago
Posts: 6 - KR:
Seen: 1 week ago
As far as i read from their info(and that group,which split),they will give about anything for in-game currency to purchase(i think lasers will not be the part).

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