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Hi all,

I'm posting links here to my updated BF2142 wrapper for Macs.
Tested on MacOS 10.12, worked with no major issues.

v2 31/07/17

Google Drive:

For verification purposes the MD5SUM should be: 513146543196a21452d2ef2e7c787ad4
Choose whichever link you'd like, it's the same file on all.
Follow instructions in the "HOW TO PLAY.txt" file!

KNOWN ISSUE: On Macs, holding Shift and scrolling with the mouse wheel allows you to scroll sideways. This causes a conflict in the game meaning if your 'Sprint' key bind is set to Shift (default setting), then you will not be able to change weapons with the mouse wheel while sprinting. Workarounds are to use the weapon key binds (1, 2, 3, 4) or change 'Sprint' to another key.
Read about the function here: Horizontal scrolling on Macs

BF2 for Mac download here! (scroll to the bottom)

Leave feedback if it worked or didn't! Get support at the #support-mac-linux channel on the Revive Discord server!
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Works great once I get in-game, but the menu seems to have issues. Whenever I'm in the menu, it flickers continuously, oftentimes not displaying the correctly. Do you know if there's a fix for this issue? Thanks for this great wrapper.
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Can we play online?
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Yes, this is for online play, if you have any issues post them here or find me on Discord in the #support-mac-linux channel!

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