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Seen: 2 months ago - This site seems to already have BF2 servers on offer - but I'm assuming its not via Revive, so can that be confirmed or organized? - this seems to be a fairly plain provider with not many games, but has servers in Sydney - would need to hook them up with the ability to host BF2 Ranked. - Same scenario as above in regards to needing to get them to set up BF2 revive ranked - on offer
Note - this provider was previously Hypernia - (a popular game server provider from back in the old days of BF2 and have now rebranded)

If any of these providers could be set up with the ability to sell BF2 Revive Ranked servers, that'd be fantastic. It would mean the end of calls for Australia/New Zealand ranked servers - especially if more than 1 of these providers were hooked up with the ability to offer servers for us to play on.


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