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Seen: 2 months ago
Hello soldier, I have installed battlefield 2 on my new computer, and when I run it its put me an error I specify that I run on my computer battlefield bad company 2, 3, 4

The error message is:

Debug assertion failed!

Version 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date: 2016-8-17 5:42
Module: Makes DX9
C: dice Projects BF2branches Patch_1_50 Code BF2 RendDX9 VideoOptions.Ccp
Line: 234

Text Unknown DynamicOption value 800x600

Current confile:

I tried to help me with the forums, I found a position but without success yet I followed the instructions to the letter

Someone has a solution to my problem please?

Thank you.

Ps: (I am French I speak not too good English sorry for spelling mistakes)
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Your problem is your monitor doesn't natively support 800x600 resolution, which is the games default resolution. You can go into your video card settings and add the custom resolution of 800x600, or using the launcher, head into it's settings and put a check in windowed mode and on the right side use a resolution your monitor does support. In windowed mode you could also use your full screen resolution to try launching the game. It may be offset, but if the game launches, head straight into game options and choose a good resolution and apply it. Then close the game, take the check out of windowed mode and launch game normally.
The link you provided doesn't go into full detail as this one does. Click upon the red show/hide fixes button.

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