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I have been playing this game for over 10 years at the highest level. Always striving to get better at everything. Whether it is Jets, Chopper Piloting(Attack and Black hawk), Chopper gunning, Infantry(Medic and sniping), Tanking, Commanding, etc. The list goes on... I have some maps memorized down to every single bush like (Wake/Karkand and Blue pearl). Even with all the skill that I acquired over the years I find that I am most of all a very strategic player. That's why I fell in love with this game in the first place. It wasn't like other fps shooters with an instant spawn and shoot at anything that moves. Strategy will beat skill most of the time and strategy combined with skill is unmatched. Here is my original account with the numbers to backup it up:

Contrary to what many believe the most fun I've had playing this game was Infantry only Blue Pearl. I would be playing that nonstop if it was still around. I miss our good old nM squad days. Shout out to Bandit, Rage, Zorp(Moses), Super, Nabler, Atheist, and others. We had some of the best squad domination this game has ever seen. RIP those days.

Anyways I'm done ranting

See my "hacks" for yourselves!
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mmmmmm we all look dumb as fuck now.

ill swing u a +1 n a sorry for sum minor heat.... sumtimes u just empty servers and us noobs cant fkn play lol... see the paradox?

mm yeh
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i call hacks....
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