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Posts: 11 - KR:
Seen: 1 week ago
hello, admin reasonless kicked when using airplane. I stole mec aircraft but in operation clean sweep map. Everybody stole. Admin is [email protected] hogjames. I want do something. Thanks.
Posts: 42 - KR:
Seen: 1 week ago
nothing special if their admins ban ppl for no reason
Posts: 104 - KR:
Seen: 3 days ago
there is a RENT A SERVER tab on this page, click on it and stop whinning about what someone else does with what they pay for.
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Seen: 21 hours ago
Visit their forum for ban appeal -
Posts: 297 - KR:
Seen: 4 hours ago
its a stupid fuck rule but they have rules that you cannot steal enemy vehicles
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Posts: 1 - KR:
Seen: 2 days ago
Just a kick or a ban?

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