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Seen: 6 days ago
I had to create a new account because my credentials didn't work anymore, when i tried pressing the link that was sent me through the email the forum tells me "welcome Ayatox!" but my username should have been "SugarAddict" (i can provide screenshots if needed that show in the mail saying "welcome SugarAddict" and the "confirm your account here sending me to the page on the forum saying "welcome Ayatox!")
So i tried to create a new account with my old credentials, mail and username exactly the same (the same as i have on this account) and it went through, no question asked, i'd be fine with that, if it wasn't for the fact that when i go to create new heros on BFHrevive all the hero names are already in use, meaning that this "Ayatox!" account still has all my old hero saved in it, so i was wondering what the hell i'm supposed to do from this point, lose all my character names and move on, or i can actually get helped somehow

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