Legacy Mode - Sunset

Posted by ENGINEERISAAC 7 months ago

We will be sun-setting support for Windows XP throughout the Revive Network soon. We are giving you plenty of headway and warning on this matter, and it's been a long-time coming. 3rd party launchers will not be supported with RANKED services. We are not saying you cannot use them, but we are saying you will NOT be able to joined RANKED servers without using the Revive Launcher. You can grab the latest launcher at the Downloads section.

If you're having problems getting your launcher working, make a forum thread or visit the #help-and-support channel in our Discord chat! We are ready to help you out.

These plans are inline with our recent efforts to finally bring working anti-cheat services and hardware banning to the Revive Network scene.With these tools finally nearing completion, we feel our team will be able to work on more interesting features for the community to thrive off of.

Those of you who still run Windows XP or Vista, please upgrade your operating systems.

You can still take advantage of a unique offer to grab Windows 10 for free! Check it out... Click Here