Lets Address TK / FF

Posted by ENGINEERISAAC 6 months ago

We understand it. Your upset, You want to tear the walls down. But before you do this you gotta ask yourself a few questions. 1. Do you like the fly the helicopter or Jet obsessively? Do you like to throw grenades on Karkand and Blow 5 to 10 people up with unanimous rage? Well Then you might classify as cancer we are trying to destroy.

We turned on Friendly Fire to try to have you all act like adults. Many of you fail awfully like really bad. It is turned on so that you can respect your fellow players. Now granted it's not a perfect science we are amending situations where trolls would exploit this setup. So don't be so quick to panic during accidental situations.

See this dynamic actually was native to the EA servers back in 2005 It designated people to take caution and not the jet flyer whom does not have to not have to pay any attn to collateral damages.

so To make it plain and simple here's a very simple guideline that actually isn't that hard to follow.

1. Don't Teamkill.

2. If you get Teamkilled, Take a moment and breathe and think. DId I just blindly running across the road? or did a 2-ton Helicopter just land on my skull?

3. Punish Trolls and Intention Tards. 3 Tk Punishes Expels the User from the game for the Entire Round. And On a popular night, the odds getting back into a full and active server are, to say the least painful...

Now sure this will start a comment furry down below and that is ok. What we are finding is those who are the biggest offenders of the 3 points laid out above are also the most vocal about the frustrations they have and 9 out of 10 times the situations that present their anger fall under that.

Lets put this into a better more relatable understanding. Take a moment to realize where you were when you were TK'd Is in anywhere near a helicopter pad? Maybe close to a jet hanger or a jet spawn? We are finding the biggest offenders are the ones who lack the ability to roll the dice like everybody else and SMASH the E key into oblivion and hope for the best.

It truly is a gamble. there is a sphere that is invisible around the vehicle those inside the circle at spawn get the luck of the dice by the RNG system in the game and it chooses the first and 2nd to fill the seats. The rest get rejected. If you were in a casino and you lost your mind and started to kill the other players at the table I'm sure a Pit boss would pull out his handgun and end your life rather fast huh.

It is absolutely advisable to be a full grown adult and admit that it isn't your turn to fly. You can either grab another vehicle or stand and wait for the dude to explode from the nearest TVG or HELLFIRE. What isn't advisable is going on a rampage due to you not getting your way. While at first, I thought to myself GOD this sucks and this is PURE CANCER I actually did some research on the matter by digging at the data to find out how and why.

More then you all like to believe we actually as the Revive team collect Amazing amounts of usage data and metrics about each server and game. And I came to this conclusion the same as all the others who have seen the data.